The CHN Library


Seating area.

welcome to the chn library

Anyone staying as a guest or on retreat is welcome to use the CHN Library, which is used by the Sisters, Oblates, Associates, and Visitors. Access is also given to people researching special subjects connected with the Community, its history and other subjects. Researchers are welcome to contact the Community to discuss their objectives.


Library entrance.

our collection

The Library holds over 12,000 titles. The strongest area of the collection, and the most used, is spirituality, including Christian life, prayer, mysticism and devotional meditations. Biography is another strength. 


Borrowing and returning.

joining the library

There is no fee to join. We offer free access, on site, asking only that borrowers leave contact details and undertake to return or renew their books in good order when due.


Philip, the CHN Librarian.


The Librarian is Philip Harvey, who manages the Library one day per week (Monday). Amanda Witt is a volunteer Assistant. The Sisters assist users with directions and information on the other days of the week.


New arrivals.


As well as our standard acquisitions, donations come from friends of the Community, clergy, and the Sisters. Donations and bequests are always welcomed.




Please contact the Community or the Librarian if you wish to make a book donation, on 03 9583 2087.