Some of our Oblates, with Sister Elizabeth Gwen.

Oblates are Christian women and men who discern a vocation to make a self-offering to God alongside and in partnership with the Community of the Holy Name.

A person applying to become an Oblate is one who is called to a life of contemplative prayer and active service and who has a deep longing to live the spirit of the religious life in the world. 

While living at home and following their normal way of life, Oblates know they are called to dedicate themselves to a life of prayer in association with us.

Their Rule of Life includes a commitment to the spirit of poverty, chastity and obedience, adapted according to the situation of each member. This commitment is made with life intention and is renewed annually.

At the Community House, we support the Oblates through a yearly programme of meetings which includes two Quiet Days (Lent and Advent), a retreat and a combined meeting with the Associates.


To find out more, please contact Sister Valmai on 03 9583 2087.